Monday, September 22, 2008

I need more time to think about these things...

An alternative to slitting your wrists

My wishes are: (and i might be stealing some of the websites owner)
- make someone's wish come true.
- play drums in a concert. (even if it's only for one show)
- drink blood. (yeah, i know i will puke)
- see a person die (again?)
- get into a physical fight with another person
- spend some time in a buddhist monastery
- shave my head
- having a conversation in spanish
- climb a high tree
- play with explosives
- ...


Papillona said...

Strange for me that I've seen no comments on your page. Even though it's a site that has many times made me smile and inspired.

all the best with all the wishes.
hope you won't stop.

Eva said...

oh crap. i haven't realized until 5 seconds ago that i got a comment.
ha! thanks anyway!