Sunday, November 30, 2008

Terry Richardson poses with Obama


Daan Botlek

More General Robots Stuff. AAAAAH. ROCKETS!!!!

Robo vacuum cleaner for your desk

i think i really need this.

check out all the other roboter thingies at

Dephect t-shirts

available here
in case you live in vienna: everybody's favourite sneaker and t-shirt store zapateria got dephect shirts in their product line.

Marc Johns' Illustrations


from this blog

i can achieve anything i want to if you just don't look me in the eye

your theory of everything will set me back five years

today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday

I like sneakers

1+2: etnies rocksteady hi (limited edition)
3: raf simons
4: itazura
5: kris van assche (spring/summer 2009)
6: ato matsumoto's cow hide boot

Friday, November 28, 2008

oh oh oh !

london based bike shop tokyo fixed gear sells narifuri jackets!

do i really need one of them? no. i just want to look at them on the internet.

damn it. those japanese make pretty things.


no 100 pounds jacket for me. but i might buy a white nitto riser bar.

Narifuri's bicycle fashion

THE Chub Hub

looks neat
no european retailers...again.